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Immersion Therapy Tank

Before you float....

  • As a safety measure, we ask if you could please bring a towel, we have towels here if you forget or have plans after your visit. We have everything else you will need, avoid caffeine for several hours before your float, as it might disrupt your experience. Feel free to use our Refresh Room after your float, it has mirrors, toiletries and hairdryers... Bring a hairbrush(if needed)

  • If you have dyed your hair in the last 10 days you cannot use the float tanks, if dye runs in the solution you could be charged, refer to our waiver.

  • Don’t shave or wax before floating or use any skin or hair products prior to your float. Sun burn or scrapes/cuts will sting (a little), these can be covered with Vaseline (We have individual sachets in the rooms for you), Please remove contact lenses and jewellery.

  • You will have a private room and your own shower.

  • Firstly, have a quick rinse in the shower (Natural shower gel and shampoo are provided).

  • Then, dry your hands and face and fit the ear plugs, fit them “well in” as your ears are just below the water line.

  • The water is heated to skin temperature (34.6 Degrees), and even though it is only 31 cm deep, it contains 550kg of dissolved Epsom salts, which is why you will float effortlessly on the surface.

  • Such a high concentration may cause slight itchiness at first. If you have just shaved, waxed or have any cuts or scratches, dry the skin and then apply a thin layer of Vaseline to dry skin (provided on the shelf in the room).

  • Climb into the pool and lie back gently, the buoyancy will lift you up. It is difficult to gauge how relaxed you are whilst floating – but you will notice afterwards!!! Indeed, People with sports injuries or back pain experience some discomfort in the early stages.

  • One’s brain focuses on even minor sensations due to a near complete lack of “feeling” elsewhere. Bear with it – aches and pains will ebb away. Furthermore, your brain is going to take a while to settle down and you will probably have a good “think” at first. This may continue for some time, but don’t be frustrated because your body is relaxing regardless, be patient you will eventually “drift off”.

  • Floating is recognised by the Back Pain Association as giving very effective pain relief; it takes about half an hour for muscles to relax completely. Please do not become frustrated if it takes you a while for your mind to settle down – everyone experiences this.

  • The real benefits are only noticed after the float session finishes. Remember that you are in a private room, so you can leave the Pod door open if you wish (you may feel a chill if you leave the Pod open for the whole hour!), alternatively you can prop it partially open.

  • You might also want to the leave the Pod’s interior light on. (Switch is inside to your left). If you get salt in your eyes there is a bottle of clean water hanging inside.

  • There is a second light, on the walls of the room and will be dimmed automatically after you enter the pod. In an hour you will become aware of the music again, indicating time to get out.

  • Very occasionally people don’t notice in which case the volume will be increased. You are advised to use the earplugs provided, and to rinse your ears thoroughly after floating, as in rare cases if allowed to crystallise on the eardrum, the salt can cause earaches.

  • Please try to vacate the room within 15 minutes at the end of your float, as we must prepare for the next client. Enjoy your float session!

Refresh Room
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