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Private Infrared Sauna

Our Dual Healthy Private sauna includes two types of infrared transmitters, Magnesium and Full Spectrum Quartz, which are operated according to the desired results: one promotes sweating and detoxification of the skin, the other muscle and joints relaxation.

Heat in an infrared sauna is not as high as that in a steam sauna; temperature is between 40 and 55°C.

Unlike a traditional sauna, infrared saunas don’t heat the air around you. Instead, they use infrared lamps (that use electromagnetic radiation) to warm your body directly.

An infrared sauna can operate at a lower temperature (usually between 40˚C and 55˚C) than a traditional sauna, which is typically between 70˚C and 100˚C.

In an infrared sauna, only about 20 percent of the heat goes to heat the air and the other 80 percent directly heats your body.

In an Infrared sauna, the heat penetrates more deeply than warmed air. This allows you to experience a more intense sweat at a lower temperature.

This environment is more tolerable, which allows you to stay in the sauna longer while increasing your core body temperature by two to three degrees.

Our Sauna is private, no interruptions, just you.

We offer a 35 Minute Sauna for €30 (One Person), 35 Minute Sauna for €40 (Two People) or add it to a 60 Minute Float for €80 (Save €15)

Click the link below to purchase the package, or purchase the package as a gift voucher.

Infrared Sauna Limerick

What are the benefits of using an infrared sauna?

The benefits of using an infrared sauna are similar to those experienced with a traditional sauna. These include:

  • better sleep

  • relaxation

  • detoxification

  • weight loss

  • relief from sore muscles

  • relief from joint pain such as arthritis

  • clear and tighter skin

  • improved circulation

  • help for people with chronic fatigue syndrome

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